Elf on the shelf puppet

December is almost here! That means that Christmas is around the corner too! That’s why today I am sharing here a new “elf on the shelf” printable!

So we have started to decorate (we like to start Christmas decorations the last week of November). I have our Advent Calendar ready (the one I shared on my last blog, with photos to make a family album).

And today I finished a new watercolor sketch! I just draw an Elf using the watercolor pencils. Then I made a printable to create a puppet. It’s the first time I made one so I am happy I didn’t mess up!🙈

We don’t celebrate the Elf in the shelf here (Spain/France) but I like the idea of that tradition, even if I don’t think I will start it at home because I am sure I will forget every day. 😅 That’s why I thought that a printable puppet would be cute, girls love to play with puppets and we can use it as a decoration too.🙌

If you scroll you will find the printable and the video, and you just need to download it if you want to print your little elf at home.🥰

Elf on the shelf puppet

How does that Elf on the shelf printable work? You just need to download the template and print it.

Then cut the different parts of the elf and use long fasteners to make it articulated.

I hid the “shoulders ” under the collar and add three more,one for the neck and two hips. You can glue the printed sheet to recycled cardboard or laminated it.

It’s also a beautiful and unique Christmas decoration,and I am thinking about different sized ones for more fun,or maybe different characters! What do you think about it? I will keep you updated!

Elf on the shelf Watercolor printable

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And click the link below to download it!

Hope you like it!xx

Reindeer printable

Today I am going to share a reindeer printable! I am so happy I have started to draw again. I use to love drawings and stopped while studying my degree, then a few years ago my sister talked to me about these pencils, an easy way to start some watercolor practice.

I made some regular drawings for the girls crafts but never found a moment to try watercolors. And last month I finally bought the right paper and tried the pencils.

It’s actually not that hard,even if I need to improve my skills,and it’s really satisfying!

After a few tries,that I will be slowly sharing, I tried to recreate a watercolor reindeer, Rudolph style 🦌 And gave it to my girls to play some #facethefoliage with red maple leaves.

That’s why I am sharing here the reindeer printable, so you can print it at home and maybe your kids will also love to glue some leaves to create the antlers!

Watercolor Reindeer printable
Watercolor sketch
Deer Watercolor sketch

That’s a similar activity than the one I shared a few months ago, that you can find here .

You just need to download the template (scroll down),print it and use some leaves to add the antlers. Some kids just like to draw the antlers by themselves. And you can even try watercolor pencils, coloring and then adding some water with a brush,they usually love it!

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I will be practicing more and soon I’ll use them as homeschooling cards, turning them into templates and more printables, I hope you like them!xx

DIY advent calendar!

Even if we just entered in November’s month,let’s admit that we need to start thinking about Christmas decorations and gift ideas,so today I am going to share with you this DIY advent calendar that I created last year!

Last year I started a new tradition: a DIY advent calendar with printed photos. Every day, we opened one envelope with a few photos that I printed.

That made a daily activity for the girls, creating that year’s family album with stickers and crafting. It was a last minute idea that I shared on Instagram and couldn’t share on the blog but this year I don’t want to be late! So here’s a photo of our last year’s wreath:

Easy DIY advent calendar wreath
DIY advent calendar wreath

Sustainable holidays!

There is a lot of wild mistletoe that you can pick in the woods, I added it to the wreath and use some envelopes that I decorated with paper news,number tags and rustic rope .

I also love old music sheets as Christmas props,so I also used them.

What I love is that I still have the envelopes and the wire hoop. I will pick more mistletoe and just reuse the rest!

It’s the best way to have your photos of the year printed and it makes a fun family activity (and a sugar free calendar idea🤭).

We always struggle to get our photos printed, but I love classic photo albums to enjoy with the girls. Kids love to see these memories printed! So that’s the perfect way to have a yearly album with the highlights of the year. We make some scrapbooking to decorate it and the result is so pretty! Remember that washi tape it’s greener than regular one: think about it! Use it also if you want to wrap your gifts the classic way! Other ideas to wrap your presents are with reusable bags or fabric!

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Hope you liked the idea!xx

Free printable: counting activity

It’s a new month so I want to share another free printable for you! We have been picking lots of acorns and pinecones and I thought that we could use them for a counting activity with a watercolor template that you can download here (scroll down).

I made a pine tree sketch with our watercolor pencils and I used number cards so the girls could add the same number of acorns or pinecones to the tree. We can work maths with additions and subtractions.

I give them the number cards and depending on your kid’s age you can use different activities, like ask them to put the same number of acorns that the number of the card.

For my 5yo I can work with additions and substractions: I use the same cards and that’s a great way to learn!

Watercolor tree printable for counting activity for kids
Watercolor tree template

What I like about these free printables is that we can reuse them many times, you can even laminate them and this way you don’t need to print them several times. Like we did with our face the foliage template, we used it this time with dry leaves for a fall-ish version 🍁

Face the foliage template for kids
Face the foliage autumn leaves version

I am learning to use these watercolor pencils but I am looking forward to share more drawings like this! Wishing you a great month!xx

Free autumn templates for kids activities and homeschooling
Face the foliage and counting activity

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Click on the link below to download your free printable:

Hope you like it!xx

Halloween costumes!

Remember last year’s photo that we made for Halloween? We recreated these retro family portraits,you know the ones a bit creepy, where everyone is so serious and it’s actually a little scary 😅

This hey we tried to take a similar one, a vintage circus 🎪 with different characters,the costumes are simple and the edit with PicsArt to add some details.

The thing is that I want to share easy costume ideas,that you can make with clothes from your closet,or just some makeup and that’s even possible for a family session!

The strongest man,the seer,and two little harlequins and that’s it! No need to buy new stuff or clutter your house, a slow Halloween is also possible! And so much fun!

Vintage circus family costumes for Halloween
Vintage circus family costumes

And here’s last year’s photo!

Retro photo family costumes for Halloween
Old card family costumes

Which one is your favorite? Happy Halloween!xx 👻

Halloween table

Are you ready for a Halloween table? You already know that we have been crafting with our Halloween templates,but we also had fun with food too 🤭

Here you’ll find some simple ideas to create a spooky table,they are easy, no expensive and sugar free, kids loved it and the effect is pretty cool 🎃

Halloween food and table decor ideas
Halloween table ideas

🐛 spaghetti worms: I used food coloring to give them a blood aspect and then add the eggs to pasta. Then cut some olives and put them in the middle of the eggs to create the eyeballs

Halloween recipes with pasta
Worm pasta

💀Mushroom skulls : super easy,you just need to carve the mushrooms with a knife creating the eyes,nose and teeth on the stem. We eat them as crudites with a sauce.

Mushroom skulls
Mushroom skulls
Mushroom skulls

🧟 Frankenstein peppers: same thing, carve different faces on the peppers,you can fill them with pasta,white beans,rice…or just, again,as crudites!

Pepper monsters for Halloween food
Pepper monsters

👻 Banana phantoms: something sweet for the dessert, I used some raisins to create the faces of the ghosts and voilà, sugar free and tasty!

Banana phantoms for Halloween
Banana ghosts

And of course you can carve your own pumpkin,this way you’ll have the best decor and more recipes with the puree!

Carved pumpkin

Hope you liked our Halloween table!And enjoy your Halloween weekend!xx

Halloween crafts!

The countdown to Halloween started! So if you need Halloween craft ideas you’ll love today’s free printable!

Download them for free clicking in the link (scroll down) and the fun part is that you can use them for different activities. With these templates we made: muppets, sun catchers, coloring pages,mosaic Halloween characters (using seeds),and also a window decoration using chalk makers

Check the photos below and choose your favorite!

Halloween sun catchers
Halloween Sun catchers
Halloween muppets free template
Halloween muppets
Halloween crafts with autumn leaves
Halloween leaf ghost
Mosaic Halloween characters with seeds
Mosaic Halloween with seeds
Window decorations with chalk markers
Window decorations

Find more ideas on my Instagram @scraps.and.coffee.grounds

Here’s your free printable :

Hope you like it! xoxo

Butternut squash

Butternut squash is one of my favorites and that recipe is really easy, perfect for when you don’t have much time,and during rainy days too!

A few years ago I started to buy more butternut squash, they are so good, stay long in the pantry (two months in a cool one) and there are so many different recipes that we love in our household.

Soups, risottos or puree but today is a roasted recipe with spinaches.

You just need to cut the butternut squash in a half,remove the seeds, roast it (oven180° for 40min) and cook some spinaches with quinoa,soya seeds and pine nuts. That’s it,you can serve it and style it.

It’s one of my favorite butternut squash recipes, because I find it eye catching and while it’s in the oven you can multitask!😅

Vegan roasted butternut squash recipe
Vegan roasted butternut squash with spinaches and quinoa

Hope you like it! Or maybe you prefer pumpkins and you are ready for Halloween! 😜 We just carved ours yesterday, some photos coming soon on my Instagram @scraps.and.coffee.grounds !!

Find more healthy and easy recipes classed by seasons in my page healthy recipes .

See you soon!xx

Kawasaki disease

Kawasaki disease: after three hospitals, lots of perfusions,one lumbar ponction and different treatments we finally know the reason why our oldest girl was struggling with high fever and low blood pressure the last days. Her condition was getting worse so the doctors finally thought about Kawasaki disease (at first they thought it was meningitis,that’s why the lumbar ponction), started the right treatment (intravenous inmunoglobulin and aspirin)
Her condition improved so we could came back home yesterday. She’s slowly recovering from everything and we’ll have different appointments to check her heart again,but I wanted to share these templates (swipe for English/french and Spanish) to share in case that helps someone else. I heard about Kawasaki disease but had no idea how impressive symptoms might be and about this coronary risk,so I guess that raising awareness is never a bad idea

That painting was on one of the rooms we had,when we arrived at the emergency room of Toulouse (by helicopter,no parents allowed ) Thanks to all those who sent DMS to check and thought about us,if you know me a bit you probably know that I don’t usually need insta breaks,here’s my happy place and I really enjoy this space and I will probably start sharing again my usual content because that’s how I reset and think about happy things
Some  info:
“Kawasaki disease (KD), also known as Kawasaki syndrome, is a severe illness characterized by inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body that primarily affects young children and infants. Kawasaki disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children. Although about 80 percent of patients are under five years of age, older children and teenagers can also get KD, but this is uncommon.  KD is not contagious.

It is estimated that more than 4,200 children are diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease in the U.S. each year. The cause of KD is unknown, although an agent, like a virus,is suspected.There is no specific test for KD; doctors make a clinical diagnosis based on a collection of symptoms and physical findings” http://www.kdfoundation.org
Thanks to all the health professionals that helped us last week ❤️

Kawasaki disease symptoms
Maladie de Kawasaki
Maladie de Kawasaki
Enfermedad de Kawasaki

Diy Witch Broom

Today I share here my DIY witch broom! perfect for Halloween,but a sustainable one!Last year I started a fun challenge, sharing ideas for a sustainable Halloween.

With things that you can find at home,clothes, repurposing or upcycling items you can have the best costumes!

Nature is again our best friend and it offers great tools,like this DIY witch broom !

So, go for a walk, enjoy the autumn vibes and pick some sticks to make your own🙌

Diy broom witch

Hope you like it!want more ideas?stay tuned!