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This is my sustainable journal. You will find my best DIY ideas.

As an “ethical influencer” member, I only share sustainable tips. It all started when I made my first handmade cosmetics, because I like natural products without harmful ingredients. So you will find here lots of eco-friendly tips for a greener life. I specifically enjoy slow fashion, and I share here my thrifted and upcycled items. (Tap here to discover them!).

I will show you easy upcycling ideas, and create freebies and printables for your homeschooling activities (find them here ).

I am a seasonal seeker and enjoy easy plantbased recipes and sugar free desserts. Click on the link below to find them classed by seasons:

Healthy recipes

And I love photography, specially documenting our daughters childhood and places that we discover together. Here’s my portfolio:


Welcome to my world, handmade with love, additif free. Follow me on Instagram ( @scraps.and.coffee.grounds ) to discover all my recipes and crafts.

Ethical Influencers” style=

“The most of the times Life is unfair, but we are not, so there is always a balance and we can say that Life is beautiful…All of us have been kids with dreams, and somehow, every one of us, keep that kid within and our dreams, keep pushing and yelling at us to be accomplished. Let’s not disappoint our inside kid!” yrene yuhmi

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