Montréal one day guide


Montreal one day guide: After a short journey by train from ottawa with ViaRail, we arrived at Montreal by night and firsts skyscrapers gave us the welcoming.

1000 De la Gauchetière: Montreal’s tallest building. It rises to the maximum height approved by the city (the elevation of Mount Royal) at 205 m and 51 floors. A little shy that night, became clueless between a layer of thin mist.

Hard to chose what to visit on this city full of culture, so we did our best on a rainy day and we started with the underground city.

  • His name is RÉSO or “ville souterraine” in french, and it’s a incredible network of galleries with all kind of  shops, malls, hotels and more, linking some metro stations. Is one of the largest underground complexes in the world with over 32 km of tunnels.

  • We decided also to taste a common canadian dish, “the poutine” (french fries, cheese and a deliciouse sauce).  And this time we wanted to do it at Harvey’s, the second-largest Canadian-established restaurant chain in the country behind Tim Hortons.


  • And after that, and full of energy,  we went by metro to the Olympic Stadium, the largest by seating capacity in Canada, and his inclined Montreal Tower, the tallest inclined one around the world with 175m.

  • With our metro daypass we went to Île Saint-Hélène admire the Geodesic Dome of the Biosphere Museum.


  • Come back to downtown to walk around Notre Dame Basilica and Place d’Armes square. You can see the Maisonneuve Monument, in memory of Paul de Chomeday, founder of Montreal.

  • A quite and  solitary (because of rain) evening at Old Montreal, walking around the City Hall, rue Saint Paul, Victorian houses, the Bonsecours Market, and the waterfront, the Montreal Tower Clock and the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Stately monuments illuminated by green shades like Northern lights, bringing you drops on your umbrella, seemed like they wanted to turn that time into something even more romantic.

It was just a one night scale but we enjoyed it a lot despite the rain. Discover the next stop in my new blog post!

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