Articq experience


Articq experience: a sample of our trip to the northern Norway.

Why we chose that destination? I haven’t a list with the places that  I want to discover, all landscapes are envy. Even so, it’s true that I have a preference for warm countries. But to see the northern lights it has always been an unreachable dream. I’ll hope Norway will be overcoat’the souvenir of this great experience. Forth I discovered more and more things to enjoy in this country and the possibilities are endless.
To enjoy the norhthern lights you must go the norther possible, to the norwegian lapland, and Tromso has “cheap” flights, so after a flight reservation on the SAS lines, the researchs online to learn about this place started seriously.

 To organise easily my ideas:
-the turism office of tromso (our destination) you can find information of accomodations, activities…

-and the Norway one

You can rent hyttes (cabins) in
And the airbnb system was so helpful to find some accomodations. (Thanks to Anetta, Helene and Tammer).


The capital of The artic. This island has the same altitud than groenland, and is the first city on the polard artic. From November to January, the sun stays on the horizon. Then days go longer and you can try to hunt the northern lights, far from the lights of the cities and if the weather is not cloudy or windy.
This fisherman’s city has become quickly an Artic paris, and recently all Globetrotters lovers to nature and extreme experiences put Tromso on their list.

That makes the city more and more attractive for tourism, and its an amazing way to initiate itself to the sami culture (the only European people classified as indigenous and older European culture) and the lights shows, not only of aurora borealis, but also the midnight sun in summer or the beautiful sunsets on fjords.

Fishing, dog or reindeer sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, cycling, sailing, hiking,whale watching…make your own experience on this beautiful country!

That’s one of our favorite trips ever because the magic of the greenlights. A dream come true!

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