Looking for greenlights in Tromso

Looking for green lights in Tromso: That was our goal, to watch the aurora borealis and  make this dream come true. 

We rented a car, checked the weathercast and went to the place with the clearest sky.

List of locations you can’t miss :

  • The cable car (sjelheisen) , up to mount Storsteipen.

  • The Artic Cathedral.



  • Sturgata:

A stroll at Sturgata enjoying the warmed sidewalks looking for places like the Venfensteatret Cinema (the older one in Europe), the brasserie Mack to taste the Artic Beer, the Protestant Church, museums, theaters, restaurants…

  • We ate at Fiskecompaniet restaurant, a great place to taste local dishes like the royal crab or the farikal (mouton and cabbage)


  • We also chose to make a jump to the Lyngenalpen, so booked one night at the Lyngen Lodge. This is  another great place to expect to see the northern lights. This little road trip offers you wonderful landscapes, the town is idyllic and the owners of the lodge are great. They cook local dishes and organise going outs to watch the northern lights, and if you bring your own car they give you great advices.


  • The northern lights road takes you to Finland, in a great way to discover the “green ladies” and two of the Scandinavian countries.

Myths and legends 

There are a lot of legends around the northern lights https://www.theaurorazone.com/about-the-aurora/aurora-legends

I love the Japanese belief that a child conceived underneath the northern lights will be blessed with good looks.

Another belief from Sámi people was that the lights were created from the spume of water ejected from whales.

In Sweden, the Aurora was seen as a portent of good news.

Our own experience :

The weather wasn’t the best to watch them and we only stayed five nights, but we finally found some green ladies, and admired the show of their dancing, and these were absolutely magical moments.

One of these green ladies brought us good news indeed. That was the way that my husband choose to propose and that’s the way we started the adventure of marriage, another great journey to discover. If you’re ant to follow, you’ll know more about us in the coming posts.

Don’t miss our next adventures! Hope you enjoyed that blog post “looking for greenlights in Tromso “.

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  1. Impressive photographies! And great traveler log! I love the beliefs about the northern lights. I am in love with the food only looking at your photo shots, so tasty and pretty! I definitely want to visit this wonderful place!

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