Travel for two

After the aurora borealis’ magic, another different kind of travel started for us. A wedding,the live journey, and a beautiful day, surrounded by the best family in a dreamful place. A white day in the white island.

And a lot of “do it yourself” in mind. Because it is unique, eco-friendly, we wanted to offer something that represents us,made with love; love for those who support us, and love for the planet who welcomes us with recycled and environment respectful gifts and decorations.

Handmade lavander soap, recycled bottles,lace bracelets and headbands, a vintage ambiance, local salt from the white island, peniculata small bouquets …

My mother’s magic hands give us the best flowers, made in crochet, to create buttonholes and bouquets (bridal bouquet, bridesmaids,groom, best man and bride’s father) even also the flowers decorating my hair in a lovely harmony with the bride dress.

The sunset,the sea, lavander,music, laughs and tears,and most of all,love.

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