DIY dreamcatcher for kids

DIY dreamcatcher for kids: “Sleep like a baby” they say… but the truth is that nights with babies are the most of time a rollercoaster of awakes, tears and calls to mummy and daddy.

If the nightmares have started, the dreamcatchers can be a good friend to keep your toddler calm.

I have some of them in colored versions to match with the bedroom kid’s style.

Do It Yourself the same way I did in my last post,

Diy dreamcatcher for kids

Diy dreamcatcher for kids

DIY dreamcatcher for kids

I also made a simple one with a stick and a crocheted bird that my mom made for my girl, and I love the result!

Hope you liked these easy ideas yo upcycle and DIY dreamcatcher for kids, just vintage crocheted napkins and scraps of yarn.

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