Jeans into matching skirts


Jeans into matching skirts: It is not a secret if I tell you that I love give another life to old objects.

I already took some pictures of crocheted napkins that I transformed into dreamcatchers, wedding’s or Christmas’s recycled decorations… I recently shared a recycled handmade rainstick and I couldn’t wait to start also sharing my “ecofriendly collection” of matching clothes daughter/mother made with un-used clothes.

I’ve started sewing with some Pinterest inspirations and then while I was pregnant I made some clothes for my daughter. One day instead of new fabric I used an old dress (but never worn, like most of clothes we have on our closets…) and I used its fabric to make a bloomer for her. And that was the beginning of this addiction.

I love the principle of recycling: this world is going crazy in some many ways, and we can work to make it better in all of them, even with fashion and a respectful way to wear clothes (respectful with human rights, animals and environment for example).

So here there come some pictures of twoo skirts (one for me and one for my daughter) that I made with one embroidered old jean.

I hope you like the style, the matching skirts, and the way that I made these jeans into matching skirts.

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