Rafia style

Spring is in the air. Longer and sunnier days, colorful clothes,the songs of the birds… slowly we leave this hard winter behind us and the summer will bring us to the beach style.

I love it, the casual ways there, the rustic bohemian style,and all kind of handmade accessories. Rafia,crochet,guipure…

The trend piece of last summer was the round bag.

And for those who prefer the recycled ecofriendly style, I find a way to make it by myself.

DIY rafia tote bag with two place mats from dried water hyacinth

-A fragment of fabric.

-A zip (by the way you can recycle it from an old clothes).

-Two place mats from dried water hyacinth.

-The handle of an old bag.

Acceroryze it as you want: I sew a crocheted piece and I love the result.

You must sew a fabric band,put a zip on, and sew both place mats to the fabric band. Then add de handle and voilà, ready for the summer evenings.

2 thoughts on “Rafia style

  1. Wow, love your photographies! You look super pretty! I like the rafia bag!Seems easy to do (even for me 😅) perfect for spring and summer, natural and cute! 👍

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