DIY bootbelt

DIY bootbelt

Diy bootbelt: the perfect festival accessory!

In this ending April’s month the #Coachella street style is everywhere and I must say I always liked this boho style from seventies.

So it is the good occasion to make a DIY that is in mind since a while: handmade hippie bootbelts.

Diy bootbelt

To make these bootbelts I just used some thifted lace and ribbons, and scraps of fabric to sew the ribbons on.

Then added rustic rope so I can tie them to my boots .

I like the fact that I can remove and change to other boots too, so it’s amovible and easier to wear!

Hope you like the style, always in a #ecofriendly way with scraps of fabric and thrifted boots. That is my way to celebrate the #earthday 2018 #sustainablefashion making my own recycled or upcycled items!

Just cut the bands, make a braid with rope and sew them to a piece of fabric to place on the heels.

Diy bootbelt

Diy bootbelt

Diy bootbelt

Hope you like it!

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2 thoughts on “DIY bootbelt

  1. As a boots lover I must say these ones are just perfect for spring time and flower power festivals! 😁😉 It’s so cute and refreshing! Cool photos as expected! 😊😍 these boots are made for walking!

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