Dress into matching skirts

If you liked the first “Phoenix renaissance” I hope you will also enjoy those matching outfits “mother& daughter” that I made from a thrifted long dress.

Those “before&after” projects are perfect to practice my sewing skills, I can #twining with my baby and that’s my way to keep an #ecofriendly lifestyle with a #sustainablefashion.

The length of this dress gave me fabric enough to keep the top for me as a dress and the bottom to make a cute overalls for my daughter.

I found the pattern for the baby overalls on www.ohmotherminediy.com, that talented mum of two who has great free patterns on her website.

For this project I’ve choose this pattern:


Hope you like it!

For those wondering about,I buy thrifted clothes on http://www.vinted.fr and I also always looking for that rummaging on Sunday market’s. sometimes people have only used clothes once,so they are almost new on a perfect state.

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3 thoughts on “Dress into matching skirts

  1. So lovely and cute dresses! 🙆‍♀️👏👏👏👧🏼👱🏼‍♀️💕💕💕 it’s amazing you can do something so pretty from other clothes! Great! 😎

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