The last views on other Instagram feeds were full of colorful places, dreamy pictures here and there, Burano, Dubai, Lisbon, London, Prague…

Sometimes you would follow literally the steps of those travel bloggers and take THAT picture…just like them.

But we forgot that we can find beauty every where,look around you like you were visiting as a tourist,just like you’ve never been there.

In our last holiday we couldn’t make a trip to Verona or Lisbon,but we’ve found some pieces of them in just one destination.

Visiting Valencia we found some hiden places away from the crowd but as adorable as all those instagramable cyties.

-The harbour “Saplaya” , with colorful houses,who doesn’t love that!

-Manisas and all of those wonderful tiles …

-Couldn’t miss a stroll on the streets of “El barrio del Carmen” , to enjoy the beauty of the old city,the kindness of people there and some sustainable shopping on its shops of vintage and thrifted clothes.

-Nearby you can find a piece of paradise on the valencian Albufera natural park, for nature lovers.

Hope you like as much as we do.



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