Firts textures

Those balls are perfect for babies, all parents following the Montessori method love them.

Besides, I used the leftover fabric of other diy projects, that means zerowaste!

-Easy sensory ball in 6steps:

1. Cut 9 cercles of fabric: I made 6 corduroy cercles and 3 coloured cercles. The corduroy fabric will give another texture to discover for the babies. The cercles are 15cm /diameter

2. Cut all cercles in four pieces.

3. Fold coloured parts and cut the leftover ,you will have now coloured ovals and corduroy triangles.

4. Sew two triangles and one oval,like small coussins,just like that:

5. Fill with foam and…

6. Sew all the coloured fabric coins cushions, and you have the ball💪

Hope you like it!

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