Basil and seagulls

Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit Porto and I wanted to share some pictures here. We had some things to celebrate and with nothing planned we decided to fly and visit for the first time (but I hope no last) Portugal.

Day 1:

Our flight was delayed so we had less time than planned at our arrival. But it was enough to go on a stroll and enjoying the Porto beer fest at the crystal palace garden and taste great local dishes at the restaurant Don Juan.

Day 2:

Firsts visits, the magnificent church of souls, the neighborhood of sant Ildefonso and a stroll on santa Catarina street

Then the must see São Bento train station and the cathedral: Se Do Porto,with a great view of the city from above. Little charming streets took us to the Riveira,and the bridge Don Juan,build by G. Eiffel.

We crossed the bridge (struggling with vertigo) and enjoyed the view of colored houses, artesanal stands and wine cellars. We even took the cable car to the Arabic gardens and walk on the first floor of the bridge.

Day 3:

Time for some franceshinas (typical dish) and a little tram tour to the Carmo neighborhood,and the wonderful church also decorated with white and blue “azulejos”.

We spent the afternoon walking on Ferdinand wall,on the tram along the river Duero and enjoying some beach time in front of the ocean.

And that’s it,a sample of our Portuguese getaway,hope you like it!


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