From shirts to skirts

From shirts to skirts:Do you remember my upcycled clothes  series?

I created matching outfits for me and my daughter from recycled clothes, like two skirts from a jean or two dresses from an old long dress.

It’s my own way to practice my sewing skills, and to fight against fabric waste and fast fashion consequences.

This time I found two men skirts, I liked the colours and the stripes, similar to linen striped dresses that we find in summer collections this year.

So I decided to create a summer overalls for the baby and a dress for me.

From shirts to skirts

From shirts to skirts

From shirts to skirts

From shirts to skirts

I made my dress without pattern so I am not very satisfied with the result, but I like the match of the outfits.

Gonna work more on my sewing machine because I have some things in mind!


From shirts to skirts

Hope you liked the from shirts to skirts idea, and that that will inspire you maybe to sew something new.

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