How to edit your photos with free apps

How to edit your photos with free apps: If you are on Instagram you have probably seen all the creative posts of photographers and creatives. Movements like the Weekend Hashtag Projet make me want to work on my creativity and learn some editing tips.

To make it posible and aspiring to improve the way I edit my posts I use 6 apps:

  • 1 snapseed
  • 2 eraser
  • 3 photolayers
  • 4 unfold
  • 5 layers
  • 6 zoetropic-free

With Snapseed you can edit your pictures (play with light, contrast…crop, or play with double exposure).

Lately I am trying to work on photolayers which is interesting in order to crop an item of a picture and change the background.

My first try was to mix two pictures of our last weekend at the beach. Here you have the final result:

1.Crop the item you want to add to the background (I use eraser and photolayers)

Then edit the background picture (I use Snapseed)

You can even remove all the things that you don’t like on your picture.

How to edit your photos with free apps

Finally, if you want to share the picture on your Instagram stories, “unfold” is the perfect app for that, you can make great collages and also edit texts.

How to edit your photos with free apps

What about you? Do you enjoy editing pictures?

Will practice and hope that I’ll improve my skills!

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