Easy recipe to prevent insect bites

Easy recipe to prevent insect bites: in this blog post you’ll find two easy and natural recipes using essential and vegetable oils to treat and prevent insect bites.

Most comercial products that prevent or treat insect bites contain harmful ingredients, like endocrine disruptors and other chemical products.

So if you want to avoid these products (and safe money) check the following recipes!

Narurally treat and prevent insect bites!

1. Treat them with 2ml of geranium essential oil, 2ml of peppermint EO, 1m of eucalyptus EO and 5ml of calendula vegetable oil.

2. Prevent insect bites with 2ml palmarosa, 3ml lemongrass, 3ml citronella, 1ml ginger and 1ml clove, two drops of the mixture in your lotion or a vegetable oil.

Hoping that these easy recipes to prevent insect bites are helpful, feel free to ask in comments of you have questions about it!

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