Upcycled matching outfits from pants

Upcycling matching outfits from pants: I am so excited to share with you my last refashioned project creating matched outfits with my daughter using satin pants.

It’s a very easy one, and I love the result!

From one pants to a baby dress an a top for me.

I really love the watercolor flower print, and if you are following me on Instagram you already know that I love blue at the moment 😜

So here we go, I’ll show you the before:

And here is the “after”:

You know, it’s my way to learn how to sew, fight against fast fashion, work on my creativity, and twining with my girlđŸ€—


Hope that these upcycled matching outfits from pants inspire you to reuse and recycle your clothes so you buy less new clothes and create a greener wardrobe!

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