Easy Shampoo bar recipe

Easy shampoo bar recipe: After the summer trip that I shared on my last post, I am going to share a zero waste recipe idea: this time how to make a homemade solid shampoo.

After the summer the hair can be a little dry because the sun and salty/swimming pool water.

I tried my first shampoo bar in order to avoid the plastic in the bathroom, but also to only use natural ingredients, specially for my daughter’s hair.

Regular shampoo might contain harmful ingredients and even geological brands claiming only natural ingredients actually put parfum in their shampoos so I wanted an easy recipe only with safe ingredients, like vegetables oils.

I used there the hair mix ( this one) from @aromazone with castoiroil, Coconut, Amla, Avocado, Olive, Broccoli, Jojoba and Mustard, giving strength, nourishing and repairing natural hair with ease.

I just added the vegetable oils to the soap “melt and pour” (this one). Usually, if you want to make your own shampoo bars, you need to buy sci (sulfates) in specific websites, so I wanted to try if only using the melting pour and the vegetable oil mix the result would be good enough to avoid to buy sulfates.

For my daughter and husband the bars work perfect as their hair is shorter than mine. For me it doesn’t work because my hair is too long and I need more foam.

Optional ingredient: Some drops of tea tree essential oil will prevent head lices (and that’s very interesting if you have kids older than 3yo) or dandruff.


1-You just need to heat 100gr of “melt and pour” mix :

2-Add the coconut oil and the hair mix of vegetable oils (one tablespoon of each)

3-Remove from heat and add some drops of tea tree essential oil and vitamin E (preservative).

And that’s it, put the mixture in molds and wait for it to cool.

No fragrances, no chemical ingredients, #zerotoxic and #zerowaste because you won’t need plastic bottles, shampoo bars are packaging-free and travel-friendly! just healthy ingredients for a healthier life.

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