Zero waste

After the summer trip that I shared on the last post, I am going to share a zero waste post: this time how to make a homemade solid bar shampoo.

After the summer the hair can be a little dry because the sun and salty water.

I tried my first shampoo bar in order to avoid the plastic on the bathroom, no plastic bottles and no toxic ingredients.

But also it’s a way to choose safe ingredients for my hair, like vegetables oils.

I used there the hair mix from @aromazone with castoiroil, Coconut, Amla, Avocado, Olive, Broccoli, Jojoba and Mustard, giving strength, nourishing and repairing natural hair with ease.

I just added the vegetable oils to the soap “melt and pour” (also from @aromazone)

Some drops of tea tree essential oil will prevent head lices (and that’s very interesting if you have kids older than 3yo) or dandruff.

1-You just need to heat 100gr of “melt and pour” mix :

2-Add the coconut oil and the hair mix of vegetable oils (one tablespoon of each)

3-Remove from heat and add some drops of tea tree essential oil and vitamin E (preservative)

And that’s it,put the mixture in molds and wait for it to cool.

No fragrances, no chemical ingredients, #zerotoxic and #zerowaste because you won’t need plastic bottles, shampoo bars are packaging-free and travel-friendly! just healthy ingredients for a healthier life.

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