Zero waste gift wrapping

Zero waste gift wrapping: the best present you can offer to your beloved ones.

First of all: Happy New year to all of you. I really hope your year started great!

Everybody is talking here about new year’s resolutions, goals, deadlines…

I don’t like that, that means lots of pressure for me… I just want to grow and care less about what people could think, love me more and try to focus on positive sides and silver linings.

Of course, I want to keep in my life the slow and zero waste attitude, improving it, and for the first time I applied that under the Christmas tree this year.

When you wrap gifts you can also choose the respectful way, without plastic or tons of paper.

I saw fabric wraps really beautiful out there, but personally I don’t have enough scraps and I didn’t want to buy fabric in purpose.

Some old foulards can work well too.

But I tried the simple way with old newspaper, holding it with rope instead of tape.

Newspaper gift wrapping

Sustainable gift wrapping

Greener holidays

We usually buy and collect newspapers from travels, love different languages ones and it’s fun to look back and read what happened during our travels in these places. But we can’t keep them all,so I thought that a repurpose would be lovely.

Newspaper gift wrapping

I use them as paper wrapping and added rustic rope and a little twig of the Christmas tree. You can also use dried oranges: I am pretty proud of the result!

So yes, I think that’s a new Christmas tradition as I don’t want to keep using traditional foiled paper, the zerowaste gift wrapping has more attitude and it’s perfect for our planet so why don’t you try it too?

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