Couple goals

I was talking about new year resolutions on my last post, and as we still on January, I keep finding blog posts of those goals.

I heard about a concept pretty interesting, because is less stressful than the “old” way of choosing all those resolutions.

The world of the year consists on choose only just one word for the whole year, helping you to find a gradual evolution towards the person you want to be.

It’s much easier, unifies your goals and allows flexibility. This way you could focus on a mantra that you’ll keep on your mind all the year.

And just like this I thought that it could be interesting to apply that method on our couple.

Work, routine, pregnancy or parenthood could be huge challenges for the couple. So it could be interesting to choose that word together in order to focus on a healthy relationship.

The way it works:

Step 1:

-brainstorming of words. Sit down together and make a list of words.

Step 2:

-answer the questions below finding a commun response.

  • Our fears_________
  • What we can do together on the everday routine________
  • We can’t wait for_______
  • Our one big project of the year___
  • We want to travel to________

Step 3:

-choose the word that unifies those thoughts across all your couple goals.

Maybe this little sheet could help you to organize all those steps.

Also I found some helpful tips that we must all have in mind when we are lost on routine or bad couple habits:

  1. Do good things together (charity, benevolence…)
  2. Eat mindfully ( try to have a healthy way to get your groceries and other home products, cook together healthy recipes, eat together if you can…)
  3. Exercise together ( go for a walk together, some hiking, a footing,some yoga…)
  4. Kiss and hug at least once a day
  5. Treat your partner as well as you treat your friends ( you won’t talk to friends looking your phone, you always listen to them and give them some tips,you compliment them…then do the same with your beloved one, she/he deserves it more!)

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