Handmade gift idea

Handmade gift idea: a present made with love.

As a physiotherapist I usually receive some presents from nice people who like to trust on me; most of patients offer chocolates on Christmas season and now that I am pregnant I thought that it would be nice to also show my gratitude to all the medical stuff following this pregnancy.

Handmade gift

But I wanted to offer something different (even if I love chocolate!). 

Then I just have the idea of a little “beauty bucket”, with some of my favorite diy products.

DIY gift idea

I decided to put on a small basket an eyelashes serum, a shampoo bar, a lipbalm and one of those effervescent bathballs. All homemade of course, just with healthy and natural ingredients.

DIY gift idea

Handmade gift idea

What’s in the basket?

* If you didn’t miss my lasts posts, you already know the recipe of the bar shampoo ( you can find it here )

DIY shampoo bar

* The serum eyelashes is so simple, I just apply castor oil on my eyelashes every night, you just need the right contener for a better application (I buy it here ).

Eyelashes serum

* You can find the lipbalm recipe here.

Diy Lip balm

* And las but not least, the effervescent bath bombs. It’s the first time that I try this recipe so I am going to write more about it soon: it was a little hard to make them but I finally did it and now they seem to work, I just need to offer me a bathtime to check it😉.

Diy bath bomb

(I’ve tried to recreate a lollipop just to be sure that it won’t be broken 😅).

These are all the items, at first I wanted to find a cute basket but then I found this jar and I loved the idea because is safer and still on the zero waste philosophy.

DIY gift idea

I really hope you enjoyed it, that could be a good gift for Valentine’s day, now that February is almost here! Christmas, birthdays or other celebrations đŸ„°.

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