Human labels

I don’t like it when sometimes I hear “how calm she is, it must be so easy for you” : no one can know, except us, if it is really easy or difficult for us life as parents…but I was recently told “how is your pregnancy going, with a girl as moved as she is ” and I didn’t like it either, because my daughter doesn’t stop for a second but she’s neat and careful and in no way I would complain about a difficult pregnancy blaming the newborn, whatever her character ….

So why I don’t like both of opposite comments, am I picky? no, I just don’t like labels and less in children. If we want respectful adults towards others let’s stop labeling children, and even less without knowing them, based on some isolated behavior outside their environment. We are getting so used to tagging and putting hashtags that we use them on children, let’s leave this stuff it for social networks …

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