Healthy Chandeleur !

There is a sweet celebration in France called la Chandeleur, It’s the first Saturday of February and it’s all about cook (and eat) french crepes.

I want to celebrate all those funny traditions with my daughter, also because its a way to work on sensory activities and psychomotricity skills while we cook, and most important of all, spent great quality family time all together.

But I want to avoid bleached flours, sugars and why not, try another dairy free recipe.

So I googled and I found a nice recipe on

* You just need:

50 gr half complete flour

40 gr corn flour

5 gr coconut oil

120 gr coconut milk

2 eggs

10 gr agave syrup


First mix the flours, then add the eggs and the syrup.

Add the coconut milk, mix and finally mix with the coconut oil.

That’s all,you can now heat the dough in parts in a non-stick pan!

A healthy way to celebrate with our daughter and our bump😉

Enjoy it!

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