DIY bath bombs

DIY bath bombs: Here is it, I finally tried the bath bombs, and it worked pretty well! So I am sharing with you the recipe because it’s really cool to make our own bath bombs! And also a fun activity for kids (under supervision of course).

The effervescent effect amazed my girl and it’s a great stem activity. And it’s great for skin too, after that bath my skin was so soft, the smell is just perfect and I am not going to annoying you by talking about all the benefits of the lavender essential oil.

And it’s a great occasion to offer you some “me-time”: lately we hear a lot about self-care and self-love, and all those parents that are feeling overwhelmed and never do some “me-time”…. sometimes it’s hard to plan this out but it’s something important to do, in order to feel better we will also care better of our family: fill your cup first!

But above all, we need to teach our children that self-care is important,is not selfish, it’s just the beginning of a self-love journey.

So take some time for you,or why not, now that Valentine’s is coming, offer those bomb balls to your partner or someone you love!


220 gr sodium bicarbonate

110 gr cytric acid

110 gr corn flour

2 tbsp of water

3 tbsp vegetable oils (your choice, almond oil it’s perfect for this)

20 drops of essential oil (I used lavender for that)

Handmade bath bombs

How to:

Mix the sodium bicarbonate,the cornstarch and the acid cytric in a bowl ( the dry ingredients).

In a second bowl you’ll mix the liquid ingredients: water, vegetable oil and the essential oil.

Then you’ll put the “liquid” bowl into the “powder” bowl (don’t wait too much for mix).

That’s it! you can now make your bath bombs,just add some water if you need to.

I used a tea filter colander and a mold for cake, both worked so well.

Mold them with the shape of tour choice and let dry for a few hours.

I now that baths aren’t that much eco-friendly, but if we are being respectful to our planet every day, I guess we can sometimes treat ourselves

Recipe bath bombs

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