With love

I have opposite feelings about Valentine’s day… I like the fact that we can celebrate love, all kinds of love, one specific day of the year, even if we shouldn’t wait to that wait to show people that we love them…but I hate the consumerism coming with that kind of celebrations. Sometimes I have the feeling that it’s all about buy something,no matter what…

Anyway we have our way to celebrate Valentine’s day, it’s usually a week where we have a break so we can enjoy holidays,and we use to travel somewhere, not just because it’s Valentine’s day,but it turns to be a great way to celebrate our love.

As I like all #DIY projects I wanted to try one handmade gift that I’ve found some time ago on Pinterest.

Personalized gifts are for me the best way if you want to show someone that you love him/her.

So I show you here small present, but who can means a lot. Is sweet and can decorate perfectly your indoors.

You just need a frame, a maps app and a printing machine (or a photographer/app to print your choices)

Choose some special spots/places you have shared with the beloved, like the first kiss, or where you met.

Look for them on a map and with a screenshot you can then print them.

Just cut as you want and place them on the frame.

Voilà, you have the sweetest gift (well not as sweet as chocolate but almost) ;p

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