Green dishes

I already shared here some #diy recipes, most of them of cosmetics. But all household products can be easily done at home,with simply ingredients. Here it goes another one for my journal recipe.At home we use a homemade detergent, with just 5 ingredients, in order to avoid toxics, harmful for the environment and for our own health ( plus, is cheaper when homemade)But today I am going to share here the recipe of dishwasher tablets.It’s pretty simple and very similar to the bath bombs on my precedent post (don’t switch them!😉)-Ingredients:

  • 60 gr sodium bicarbonate
  • 60 gr caustic soda flakes
  • 60 gr citric acid
  • Water
  • 20 drops Citron essential oil

*How-to:Mix the sodium bicarbonate,the soda flakes and the citric acid.Then add the drops of essential oil,and finally add water.You must now make small pieces (the ice cube tray is perfect for that, but I used here a cookie mold).Leave to dry for a few hours,and that’s it, they are ready to use!Hope you enjoyed ❤️

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