Milky way

Maybe a recipe of cow milk yoghurt won’t be much welcome this days, the vegan era is here and most of people are looking for dairy free recipes, vegan or sugar free…

I try to avoid all kind of processed sugars, we buy our groceries at the weekly local market in order to privilege local products, we are also on the #slowwaste moving trying to avoid plastics, or looking for #crueltyfree products.

But we do eat meat. As I said, locals markets are the best way that we found to buy it, even if we try to only make less than a half of meals with animal proteins, we choose to not completely avoid them and pick butchers who respect as most as possible the animal comfort. This way we are also sure that we don’t have preservatives and other toxic additives.

Same thing concerning the milk, we aren’t big “dairy product consumers” but since my daughter isn’t breastfeeded anymore (we did it for one year) we think that is important to keep her having at least one portion of “animal milk” per day.

That’s the reason why I made my own yoghurts with (usually) cow milk (sometimes I use goat milk). Always ecological or local for the same reasons: animal comfort and respect, and less toxic I, or on that case, “thirds passengers” like antibiotics, pesticides…

So that’s the reason why I am adding a cow milk yogurt recipe on my “journal recipe”.

I had the best gift from my colleagues at work a few years ago,a yoghurt machine,who turned to be perfect for me because is #zerowaste: you have your reusable yougrt glasses and you know exactly what are you eating (and it’s cheaper than buy them at the grocery store)

It takes 5 minutes to prepare and then the machine will work alone, you’ll just have to put the yougurts on the fridge 😉

Usually I don’t add sugar on those recipes, but it was the first time that I try to add fruits and I wanted to be sure that it would work, and this one was the easiest recipe that I found.

As we almost never use sugar I thought that it wasn’t that bad if we put some unrefined brown sugar for once.

* The “how-to” is quite easy, as you just heat the fruits with the sugar, mix them and then add the sugar and the milk with one yougurt ( you can use one of your homemade yougurts)

* Ingredients:

200 gr strawberries

50 gr unrefined brown sugar

1 yoghurt

1 l milk

That’s it, I usually program 15 hours on the machine.

I’ll keep looking for another recipe without sugars because we loved so much the strawberry flavor! When the season of strawberries starts, I try to freeze as much as I can, this way I can have “fresh” fruits all year long.

Hope you liked it 🍓

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