DIY beewax wraps

DIY beeswax wraps: Lately I am posting quick recipes, these are so simple that I just want to write them down and quick add them to this online journal.

I’m not even posting them with elaborate pictures, just shoot while I am making the recipe and post in on the blog ASAP. That makes me feel productive, I can “check” more points of my to-do list and the blog still update.

You know “better done than perfect”, right?

I also realized that posting frequently and sharing on Pinterest and Instagram it’s the best way to improve on those apps ( I just raised the 10k views/month on Pinterest and that’s a good begining). So as I have lots of ideas that I can document, I’ll keep trying to writing about them!

Long history short, this one was a super easy #diy, less than an hour and it’s done!

You’ll just need scraps of fabric and beeswax beads.


First if all, choose the dimensions of your wraps, cut the fabric (if you sew the edges that’ll be much better).


Put them on the baking tray and distribute the wax beads all over the surface of the fabric (more or less one pearl per cm2).

And heat 5 or 8 minutes on the oven ( 50°c) or just watch for the wax to melt.

Why you need those beeswax wraps?

In order to avoid the plastic in the kitchen, you’ll be protecting your leftovers of meals and our planet with less plastic. A sandwich on the go? Just take your stylish wrap and you’ll have #zerowaste to throw away.

And using ecological beeswax you are protecting the bees too, so that’s a big win for all of us. But you can also use soja or rice wax!

Hope you enjoyed this and will consider other alternatives to plastic on your kitchen! 🐝

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