DIY Teepee tent

Diy teepee tent

DIY teepee tent: a new upcycled project on the blog today!

It’s been a while since I don’t share any déco Idea, remember the #zerowaste dreamcatchers? Today I am going to share with you the recycled teepee tent, a DIY teepee with recycled materials!

Diy teepee tent

Last year,when my daughter started to play “symbolic games” we decided to offer her a teepee, but obviously I wanted a #diy one and I found a way to only use recycled items.

Toddlers love to use their imagination, and if they have an intimate spot where they can hide with some toys or books you’ll help them to develop it, forming solid emotional health . Creative play has positive impact on he physical and cognitive development.

Plus it’s super fun and cute!

Diy teepee tent

In order to find all the items to make it, I thought that it could be interesting to use those fabric cardboard tubes,this way you won’t need to buy on purpose wooden sticks or anything else.

All is recycled and reused! An old bed sheet and leftovers of fabric: 100% zero waste.

Because we want the best for our kids and also for the planet they’ll need to live on.

Recycled teepee tent

I went to our weekly market and asked to the fabric seller if he had these tubes,and if he would accept to give me some of them for my project. He had four of them, and was happy to gift them to me because otherwise they are not recycled.

I look some tutorials on Pinterest to know how to tie them with rope and adjust the old bedsheet.

With fabric scraps I decorated and then I added fairy lights for a cozy ambiance.

Its one of our favorite spots to play!

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Upcycled teepee tent

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