Free bunny teether pattern

Free bunny teether pattern

Free bunny teether pattern: Nesting and a second pregnancy going on so fast!

I don’t know if that really means that delivery is coming soon but the feeling of nesting is right here. I want all to be ready, even things that aren’t that important, like my mind was so cluttered and I needed to clean all these feelings.

I wanted to make some #diy projects for baby2, and I finished almost all of them.

I sewed two matched bonnets (for both: first born and new born), a rabbit teether, and a baby bloomer.

You can download here the teether pattern:

These are all simple patterns, and the teether is specially easy and cute , I’ve never tried before and I hope baby2 will enjoy!

Just need to finish a few more “baby projects” and I will be (almost) satisfied.

Hope you liked the free bunny teether pattern!

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