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Avril cosmetics : Sometimes people think that I make ALL my cosmetics, but I don’t, I just use some recipes in order to avoid chemicals and plastic and because it’s fun to make these easy recipes, all with natural products.

So far I’ve made lipbalm, face cream, an even eyelashes mascara, but I like to use some handy products that I buy and I love their ingredients, so today I am going to share the main products that I use for my make-up routine (this is not and ad, and I buy these products myself).
That brand is Avril, is ecocert (ecological french and cruelty free products) and it’s a brand that I love because the quality of their products.

*My favorite one: the double crayon fard&liner. It would be a little hard to make my own fard eyes, and with this crayon you have the Kohl two in one product.

I’ve tried once to make my own mascara and it was quite easy with the right ingredients, but these are hard to find: you must buy them in purpose, so it’s easier for me to buy this mascara.

*Day face cream: with organic abricot kernel oil for dry and sensitive skins. I really like my homemade creams,but they are so nourishing that they act more like balms, I prefer to apply them at night.

*The night face cream with organic shea butter is perfect for sensitive skins as mine, as I said I like to apply my own creams at night but I sometimes use this one because I love its ingredients too.

*And the lipstick is just perfect, creamy and with the right shade for me, I love homemade lip balms but it’s hard to find the perfect shade, easier this way!

As I said, this us not a sponsored post, I just use these products as an alternative to homemade cosmetics. So I just wanted to share them with you, hope you liked them!

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