Refashioned maternity jeans

Refashioned maternity jeans: It’s been a while since I didn’t post a refashioning project, and the last one that I did was a “maternity jean”.

If you have seen some of my posts you already Know that I like recycled items, slow and sustainable fashion.

Refashioning it’s a way to work on my sewing skills and creativity, as you need to find the way to change an old item to a new one.

This time I wanted to create a comfy low-waist jean, because at that stage of pregnancy I don’t feel comfortable with maternity jeans, the belt bothers me and I prefer just low waist pants.

I found an extra large jean and I thought that I could resize it and adjust the low waist.

I used another pant as a pattern, just like this (sorry for the amateur pic):I cut following the correct sized pant pattern, but leaving the bigger one size of waist untouched. Finally, Isew the different parts and I just add an elastic band on the waist: that’s all, I have my comfy pants!

I wanted to test the “jean-culotte” model, wearing it with vintage boots. I don’t know how I feel about it as I am not used to that kind of lenghts, but hey! why not, right?

And I am already thinking about to make a skirt with these pants for this summer, when baby2 will be arrived 🤭. I’ll keep you updated!

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