Fresh breath

Did you know that you can make your own toothpaste with just 4 ingredients?

Standard toothpaste could contain way more than that, and not the best ones… Abrasives, detergents, flavours (saccharine), humectants,binders and other additives.

And let’s not forget the sublingual administration principle: When a chemical comes in contact with the mucous membrane beneath the tongue, it is absorbed.

Besides, just a soft toothbrush and a good brushing techniques will remove plaque.

Good food habits and regular appointments would be enough to keep a good dental hygiene.

But if you want to have a fresh toothbrush feeling and add an antiseptic,antifungal or whitener effects some ingredients will help you: sodium bicarbonate, white clay and salt will be enough.

-1 tsbp sodium bicarbonate : whitener

-4 tsbp white clay: purifying and anti-infectious

-1/2 tsbp salt: antiseptic and antifungal

-2 drops of citron essential oil: antiseptic and bactericidal.

Mix all the ingredients and put them on a small glass container.
yes, zero waste because you’ll avoid plastics again!

Also we buy now our bamboo toothbrushes, but I am looking for sustainable brands because all those “trendy bamboo products” could have apparently a bad environment impact now…I need to read more about that!

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