Spring rainbows

Spring has arrived and here the month of March means changing weather, rain and sun on the same day, and more rainbows on the sky!

And rainbows are now everywhere on the net too, especially this wall decors made with macrame rope.

It is not the quickest #diy but at least is really easy. The wrapping part takes some time.

Following a #zerowaste philosophy I try to use items that I already have at home, so that’s the reason why I use this kind of rope (besides I like it more because it makes a rustic effect). You can also use thread or yarn for the wrapping but I have lots of wool at home so for me is easier to use them,told you:no waste!

  • So for this rainbows I just needed:

5,5 m of Thick rope






  • How-to:

-laying out the rope in your rainbow shape. Cut each and leave enough extra rope for the fringe.

– Start wrapping the rope with the wool. Wool is thicker than thread so it makes the wrapping much faster.

– wrap all the layers

– Stich the layers together with thread

– unravel the rope fringe

– to hang it up I use just a bit of thread on the top of the first layer (the biggest one)

And that’s all, it’s really easy. The wrapping would be the most of the work but using wool and making a small rainbow it didn’t take that much.

I spent about three hours for both rainbows.

It’s really cute decorating the toddlers room,my daughter loves it!

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