HandBags assortment

There is a #diy that I made last year and I always forgot to share, basically because I am always using those bags and it’s hard to take some good pictures of them!

It’s another #upcycled item, with old jeans, and also #zerowaste because the small bags are made with leftovers of fabric.

With the pockets of the jeans and leftovers of rustic fabric I made a big bag in order to have room enough inside for all the things we can use for travel,and it can be used as diaper bag.

I made two more bags, one of them round because I love this style and I also tried to make a belt pouch .

All of them have 2rings to hold the handle and I use just one handle for all of them. This way I can switch when I want to.

I use them all the time, and I took them on our travels and they are really useful. I am thinking of make another one on a medium size,I’ll keep you updated 🤗

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