Sugar free doughnuts

Sugar free doughnuts

Today I want to share these sugar free doughnuts! The sweetest rings and so healthy!

I’ve just tried a vegan doughnuts recipe, without sugar or dairy products and I also love the fact that those are baked doughnuts and not fried doughnuts.

Vegan doughnuts

You just need a cup of milk ( your choice, we always try to have plant based milk)

Sugar free and Vegan doughnuts

A cup of flour (corn/wheat/oat…you choose)

And two bananas

That’s all, just mix all of the ingredients and put them on a donuts pan.

Heat on the oven for 20min.

It’s super easy and healthy, my daughter loves them and we can cook them together. Can’t wait for more!

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I also made a template for these sugar free doughnuts:

Sugar free doughnuts recipe

Hope you like it!xx

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