Handmade Facial tea tree and calendula soap

Today was one of those days…you run all day, you get frustrated because you think that you had nothing done, everything is “half-finisfhed” and at the end of the day you are tired, frustrated and you feel guilty because you think that nothing was achieved.

When I feel like that I try to make a list with all the chores/things that I actually done.

Usually I only think about it, but today I am going to write it here:

✅I did my homemade laundry detergent

✅I cooked two recipes, one of them with my daughter (no nap for her today, it took us almost two hours, but it was fun)

✅I cleaned the mess after cooking (#cookwithtoddlers)

✅I breastfeeded and had quality time with my newborn all the time that she was awake

✅I tidied the house

✅I made my henna hair

✅I finished a collage picture frame

✅Edited some pictures on my phone

✅I am writing now on my stationary bike (at least 20 minutes of exercising/day)

✅And I also made homemade soap bars. And that’s why I am writing now, to note the recipe here.

I found a new way to made these soap bars, a very easy recipe with only three ingredients.

Ingredients (all from Aroma-Zone.fr)

-100 gr of meltandpour,

-5ml of calendula

-and 42 drops of tea tree.

This time I want to try mini bars, in order to have more of them and collect them all in a glass container.

I want to use them as a facial soap so it’s going to be better to have more smaller bars than just a big one.

That’s it, I hope you’ve enjoyed and when you feel frustrated about your day always remember that you certainly did great things (and small things also count, sometimes more than those you think that are bigger).

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