DIY Handbags

DIY Handbags: One year ago I shared a post of my favorite #diy, the round handbag.

I am really proud about this bag, with recycled items ( place mats from dried water hyacinth, thrifted crochet napkins… )

I had the idea of customize the bag with those napkins and I am obsessed! (If you follow my posts you already know that, I use them too to create dreamcatchers)

So I couldn’t help it and made another round bag, smaller, this time with fabric instead of placemats.

Maybe you have seen it on my post assortment of bags when I shared the bags made with rustic fabric and a pair of old jeans.

That’s what I love about these bags, I can switch when I want with only one handle, that’s has been very handy on ur lasts trips whatever road-trip or flights.

I just wanted to share some more pictures of them today:

I am also wearing a lot the funny bag, especially when I carry my newborn, or wearing dresses without pockets 😅.

I am working on some similar projects and I am really excited, can’t wait to share here!

Do you like these DIY Handbags? They are almost 100%ade from scraps or recycled items.

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