Placemats to purses

Placemats into purses

From placemats to purses! Remember the raffia round hand bag ? ( You can find the post here )

I made it last year from scratch with recycled items and I love it, I can’t wait for warmer days to use it but sadly it’s still raining here!

You maybe have noticed that it’s the main protagonist of all the outfits this season. Every brand have now a especial raffia collection. And new items are popping up,and as a raffia lover I am obsessed with all of them.

I must say that I usually buy raffia items in local markets,when we travel for example, trying to avoid the fast fashion industry.

And sometimes I rather made them myself because I enjoy handmade and that’s the best way to have an unique item.

Long story short: I want to introduce you the new hand bag of my wardrobe.

Placemat into purse

Raffia halfmoon purse

The “raffia halfmoon purse”, made with one place mat: the easiest #diy you could imagine.

Placemats into purses

I only needed one place mat, a zipper and a chain. And you can obviously add some decorations. I always try to use things that I already have at home in a “zerowaste” philosophy.

The chain is from an old handbag that I don’t use anymore for example.

You just need to fold the place mat and sew the zipper if you want to wear it as a clutch. If you want a shoulder handbag add two handles on opposite sides of the zipper and use the chain of your choice.

Upcycled purse

That’s all! You are ready for a sustainable trendy outfit!

Hope you liked it🤗

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