Handmade tassels

Handmade tassels: I’ve just tried them! Whatever you want a keychain, a wall decoration or handbag accessories, tassels are so trendy now…and I had no idea that they were THAT easy!

You actually just need scissors, cardboard, some thread or yarn (scraps are great to make tassels!)

I tried with that cotton thread and used a cardboard from a ribbon that I bought, it was the perfect size for the tassel that I wanted to make. You can also use forks or other cardboards from packagings. Always think about recycling something first!

Handmade tassel with threat scraps

First step cover the cardboard with threat making circles

Handmade tassels step by step

2nd step cut both sides and tie in the middle

Handmade tassels

3rd step: use the tie as handle and join both sides on the bottom

Handmade tassels

Choose other accessories to customize your tassels

Tassel tutorial

Done! I added some wooden pearls

Handmade customized tassel

I used the first one to customize my halfmoon handbag, remember that one? Give a boho touch and it’s easier to use the zipper.

I have seen so many cute crafts with tassels for each season, for Halloween you can create ghosts with handmade tassels and they can also make a nice decoration for Christmas, like ornaments for the Christmas tree 🎄.

I usually have lots of scraps from thread and yarn that I will be using for different decorations,and I will try to make some of them with the girls,it could be a great fine motor skills activity! Would you try? If you do,share it and tag me (you can follow me on Instagram @scraps.and.coffee.grounds)

Hope you liked it!xx

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