Visiting Valensole

Visiting Valensole: New places, new scents, new summer postcards from another beautiful French place.


Valensole it’s not only about lavender: wheat and sunflowers dance together there, and it’s also about old French towns, lakes and rivers around, refreshing sunsets and peaceful sounds.

We visited Valensole because I have always dreamed about visiting the lavender fields, and it’s not so far away from home, so we thought we could book two nights there and visit with the girls. It was a challenge because the baby is only 3 months old, but we followed her routines and everything went well.

I just took quick snaps with my phone that I wanted to share here, so I can remember that family weekend.

We went to Valensole mid-July, and I’d say that it’s a bit too late if you want to see the lavender in full bloom. When we arrived the colors started to fade but it was equally beautiful!

The second weekend of the month it was the fair of lavender, so we found a small artisans and farmers market: they sold lavender soap, lavender bouquets and celebrate the start of the harvesting. It’s a great time to visit although the blossoms are starting to end.

We went to the restaurant and loved the festive mood, garlands and music were so nice and it was even a concert planned for Saturday night.

We don’t like to travel during the second fortnight of July because the crowd is really important, but that weekend wasn’t full of tourists so it was really enjoyable.

The colorful old town was so beautiful and the front door of the stores were so cute.

The fields surround everything and you can visit the cooperatives and buy honey, essential oils, fragrance etc

We couldn’t resist to the lavender ice creams, they were so good!

And we visited the surroundings where you can find great views. Not far from here you can enjoy the lake “Sainte Croix ” and the must see “gorges du Verdon” longing this beautiful emerald river.

Hope you like it x

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  1. What a wonderful post!! I love the photos and colors! and of course, the lil model is adorable!! I love flowers and lavender is one of my favorites ^_^ Feels like visiting all these places!

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