Twinning with Mom

You probably remember the matched bonnets that I posted not long-time ago, the embroidered fabric was upcycled from a shirt.

When I posted on Instagram a picture of them, one follower asked me if it was possible to buy a bonnet like this for her daughter.

As I am not a shop or a brand,I was extremely happy that someone was interested on my work,so I decided to offer her one bonnet.

And I love this one because I realized that this pattern allow to use the bonnet on both sides,so you have a reversible bonnet.

I used a printed dress and a broderie anglaise t-shirt, one different fabric for each side.

I wanted to add something for mamas too, as I love matching outfits with my daughters. With a leftover I made a scrunchie, this way you can play twinning with your baby.

And I love the result because is really handy,the white side of the bonnet is perfect for summer, you can match it with everything,and if you want a little pop of color you just need to change the side.

I made another one for my baby because,the reversible way to wear it is so useful! I’ll show you on another post!;)

Hope you liked it xx

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