Banana oat strawberry smoothie

Banana oat strawberry smoothie: Let’s say that summer is not finished yet and prepare a yummy #milkshake to celebrate the sunny days.

I’ve just found this recipe and we all loved this #smoothie, no tricky ingredients and so delicious.

-Some strawberries (I always freeze some strawberries when they are in season so we can enjoy them a little longer).

-1 banana (same for bananas, when they are about to ripen, I freeze them and they are perfect for smoothies, no waste!)

-A cup of oatmeal

-A cup of milk (“vegetal” or animal your choice)

-1 tsp of honey (our honey comes from our visit to the lavender fields-valensola-)

So good!  I love smoothies and milkshakes, these are really quick to make and it’s perfect for staying fresh and hydrated during the heatwave.

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One thought on “Banana oat strawberry smoothie

  1. Mmmm, not only healthy but also yummy!!! I am not a fan of oatmeal but I guess a try doesn’t hurt XD and plus I adore strawberries! thanks for the recipe!! cool photos, adorable ^////^

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