Healthy breakfast

I have seen a lot of granola recipes but lately the cereal bars recipes are popping everywhere and gave it a try.

After finally buying a cooking robot I could find there a recipe and it was pretty good the, taste is delicious and the only bad point is that the bar broke easily, but maybe is something that I missed.

Ingredients :

50 g of hazelnuts

50 g of almonds

350 g whole wheat flakes

160 g of beggar (mixed nuts)

30 g of golden flax seeds

50 g of brown sugar

100 g of extra virgin coconut oil

80 g of honey

50 g cream of hazelnuts or almond cream

Chop the almonds and the hazelnuts, mix the ingredients and oven 125°C /25minutes

I’ve just use the baking tray and cut the bars after, but also love it mixed with yogurt and fruits

You know, zero harmful ingredients, and zero waste (and so yummy)

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