Ring sling

I was going to share this post as one DIY project, but it is actually also a zero waste project because I finally used a bedsheet fabric.

In perfect shape, just unused because the color didn’t fit anymore with our bedroom.

So I am happy to finally have sew my own “handmade-upcycled” ring sling 😉

I’ve just need 2×2 meters of fabric. Fold it and sew it inside out, leaving one of the edges free to turn the fabric. Add the rings and sew this edge to the rest of the fabric

That’s all, just 4 linear seams.

I am still learning to use it and wrap the baby perfectly with this type of sling but I like it so much because I can carry my baby on the side.

You can find a lot of tutorials, but you mainly need to pay attention to these points :

-Close enough to kiss

-Rings high: corsage position,

-knees higher than the bum

-Don’t twist the fabric

Can’t wait to train myself every day to carry her!

Hope you liked it xX

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