Oat drink and cookies

Remember the recipe of vegetal drinks? Some time ago I shared the way you can make your own rice drink, but lately I tried the oat drink and it’s my favourite now, because it tastes so yummy and besides I can make #zerowaste oat cookies for my daughters with the leftover of oat from the drink.

That’s so useful now that the baby has started the complementary feeding, and I can give her healthy oat bars with fruits.

So I start mixing a cup of oat with warm water (not hot but warm)

Then I filter and fill a glass bottle with the oat drink. Put it on the fridge and that’s all. You can save it for three days and add a sweetener if you want to.

Its really easy and quick, the oat doesn’t need a soak time so i don’t need to “plan” the recipe.

Then I mix the filtered oat with mashed banana or grated apple.

I make bars or cookies with the mixture and oven for ten minutes.

It’s very useful because we believe that the Baby led weaning is the best way to start with solid food, and those oat bars are great, healthy and the baby loves them (and so we do)


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