Il était une fois…

…le corps humain.

Remember that show? so pedagogical, it was a great way to learn the fonctions of the body.
I wanted to make a children activity playful enough, no-screen related (my daughter is 3 yo) available for start learning about some parts of the body.
So the felt set was the first and easiest idea that I found.

We drew together the different parts of the digestive system and other organs ( brain, heart, lungs…)

Cut them and add adhesive velcros on each part.

That’s it, ready to play!

Hope tou like it xx

2 thoughts on “Il était une fois…

  1. Aah the memories!! I remember how much a loved this animatiojn! it is really cool what you have done with such simple material! great!! because learning is so much fun! (^_-)-☆ Thanks for another great post!

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