Postcards from Ibiza

Today I’ll send here some “Postcards from Ibiza”. Ibiza is a very special place for us, for so many reasons:

A part of our family lives there and we are lucky enough to visit them once or twice a year.

But I’ve never shared my camera shots of there, I don’t really know why.

This time I am going to post some snaps, quick views, postcards from my phone.

My own way.

-November blooms

Ibiza photos

Photos from ibiza

Flowers in Ibiza

Puerto de Ibiza

Autumn and winter are great seasons to to visit Ibiza, as you can see there are lots of bougainvilleas ans other flowers, and the weather still really nice during autumn.

– Ibiza & Dalt vila

Moda adlib de Ibiza

Harbour ibiza

Shops Ibiza

Dalt Vila, ibiza

Dalt Vila, ibiza

Ibiza, spain

There are so many beautiful beaches,that time we visited “ses salines”, “cala d’hort” (one of my favorites) cala “sant Vicent” and “Talamanca”

– Ses salines

Ibiza with kids

– Cala d’hort

Es vedra, ibiza

Es vedrà

– Some treats. You can’t go there and try their aioli,choose your favorite tostada (tomato and jamón serrano Will always be my fav) with olives. The riced are amazing and I love their typical desserts”flao” ( a sort of cheese cake with mint,so delicious) and “greixonera” (more like a custard)


Cerveza Isleña

-Some sunsets. You will enjoy beautiful sunsets (and sunrises) there!

-San Juan y cala San Vicent. There are so many beautiful towns with white houses and stunning views to the mountains full of pines and olive trees.

-Santa Gertrudis. You can’t go there and skip the restaurant”can costa” their sandwiches are so good and you will love a walk in it’s streets and lovely small traditional boutiques.

– We always go the the beach, enjoy the sunshine and the sand,even if the water is colder in winter.

Talamanca, Ibiza



PS: Check this vintage shop if you love thrift and retro second hand clothes, (holala! in front of the old market)

Vintage shop

These are just some snaps from the phone that I wanted to share here, because they’re more spontaneous and I want to remember these captures for longtime!

You can follow more of our travels on my Instagram

Hope you liked it xx
See you soon, Isla blanca

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