Vichy squares

Happy New year! Yes,this is the first post of the year,and I am happy to choose an upcycled project as I want to keep improving our #sustainable lifestyle this year,and #reusereducerecycle still a great motto, right?

I ( almost ) only buy second hand items now (at flea markets or online @vinted is a great platform),and we are a lot more conscious about what we buy: “love what you have”

And I keep sewing from time to time and enjoying those upcycled outfits. This one comes from a thrifted dress and I made three matching outfits, for my daughters and I.

I chose the easy way, using the skirt part as fabric for my daughters outfits and the top for me.

Twoo bloomers for them,one bonnet and a ribbon,those are all very easy patterns.

And voilà, all done,hope you liked them! xX

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